This plugin file size only 2kb

The Lightweight Tools plugin is designed to provide essential functionality without adding unnecessary bulk to your WordPress directory. With a file size of only 2KB, this plugin takes up minimal space and ensures optimal performance without slowing down your server.



  1. Efficient File Size: The Lightweight Tools plugin is incredibly lightweight, occupying just 2KB of storage space. Its minimal footprint ensures that it doesn’t contribute to unnecessary disk usage, allowing your WordPress installation to remain lightweight and efficient.
  2. Server-Friendly: This plugin has been developed with server performance in mind. It is designed to run smoothly and efficiently, ensuring that it doesn’t strain your server resources or cause any performance issues.
  3. Reliable Functionality: Despite its small size, the Lightweight Tools plugin offers reliable functionality. It provides essential tools to enhance your website without compromising on performance or stability.
  4. Easy Integration: The Lightweight Tools plugin seamlessly integrates into your WordPress environment. Simply install and activate the plugin, and you’ll have access to its features right away.
  5. Minimalist Design: The plugin follows a minimalist design philosophy, focusing on delivering essential tools without unnecessary complexity. Its streamlined interface ensures a user-friendly experience.
  6. Ongoing Development: The Lightweight Tools plugin is continuously maintained and updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress. You can trust that it will remain compatible and up-to-date with future WordPress releases.

Experience the benefits of the Lightweight Tools plugin today and optimize your WordPress installation with its minimal file size, server-friendly nature, and reliable functionality.

Plugin Description :

SHFI Tools is a versatile WordPress plugin that provides useful tools for customizing your website’s header, footer, body, and managing an ads.txt file. With SHFI Tools, you can easily insert custom code snippets into your site’s header, footer, and body sections, as well as generate and manage an ads.txt file to enhance your website’s functionality and compliance.

How to Use :

  • Install and activate the SHFI Tools plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • Once activated, navigate to the “SHFI Tools Settings” page in your WordPress admin panel.
  • On the SHFI Tools Settings page, you’ll find separate sections for “Custom Header Content,” “Custom Footer Content,” “Custom Body Content,” and “Ads.txt File Content.”
  • In the “Custom Header Content” textarea, enter any custom code or scripts you want to include in the header section of your website. This could include meta tags, CSS styles, or JavaScript code.
  • Similarly, in the “Custom Footer Content” textarea, enter any custom code or scripts you want to include in the footer section of your website. This could include additional JavaScript libraries, tracking codes, or analytics scripts.
  • In the “Custom Body Content” textarea, enter any custom code or HTML markup you want to include right after the opening <body> tag on every page of your website. This could be useful for adding global elements or tracking scripts.
  • If you need to manage an ads.txt file for your website, enter the desired content for the ads.txt file in the “Ads.txt File Content” textarea. This content will be used to generate the ads.txt file for your site.
  • Once you have entered your desired customizations, click the “Save Settings” button to save the changes.
  • After saving, you’ll see a success message confirming that the settings were saved successfully.
  • The custom header, footer, and body content will be automatically injected into the respective sections of your website, ensuring they appear on every page.
  • Additionally, the content entered in the “Ads.txt File Content” textarea will be used to generate an ads.txt file, which can be accessed at the URL (replace with your own domain).
  • You can revisit the SHFI Tools Settings page at any time to modify or update your custom code and settings as needed.

Uses :

  • Insert code to your WordPress headers & Footers
  • Insert Google Analytics Code to any WordPress theme
  • Insert Facebook Pixels Code
  • Add Google Optimize Code for A/B testing ( Ab Testing )
  • Add Google search console authentication code to any theme for verification
  • Add Custom CSS, any script, and HTML to your website
  • Google Tag Manager code/script insertion
  • You can also add microsoft clarity tracking code to your website
  • You can also insert code to your website body section
  • Can add Bing webmaster tool code for website verification
  • Add Google AdSense code
  • Add Google Adsense or any other ads.txt file
  • and more.

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